Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Just today I received an email from my pals in Singapore with an attachment. Normally I would ignore such kind of emails as I do not have much time to hover on such attachments but this one particularly caught my attention. The subject matter read "The Singapore We Once Knew". I have worked in Singapore for a good number of years and looking at the slide show, my mind began to wonder .... it's not like I am against development or anything, and I understand that the nations need to progress as we begin to have better city planning and such, but is there not a way where we can integrate progress with our old buildings? Much of whats happening here in this region is that progress equals to ultra modern buildings and finishing. We intend to forget about our past history and much of our National Heritage will be wiped out in due course.

Its very sad to see that the status of such old buildings and areas are taken away, until the author of the sideshow had to resort to email tactics to garner some interest amongst the people who still remember nostalgically, the areas mentioned. I am in awe yet very disappointed at whats happening today. There is so much more that can be done with old buildings instead of converting them to luxury hotels, museums and modern buildings. There is just so much more, but of course, the commercial value of land and ROI (Return of Investments) take priority over our history, in this part of the world in my humble opinion.

Again, I am beginning to wonder, is this the fate that is going to befall our own buildings in Malaysia? I dare not contemplate on the matter, its just to vast .... guess it's still back to, "Time Will Tell" .......

Please note I have edited some text as I found the language a little too strong.

I have realized too, that as we go along, we seem to be erasing our history very subtlety, all the foreign influence, contributions and whatever they did for our fledgling nations during the colonial period are going, going..... almost gone?


Anonymous said...

is like my home town Penang many historic places have been erase for new building... lucky now they got heritage from unesco which will at least give some protection to the old building

The Lab Ratz said...

Hey kennhyn,

Yup. I am from Penang too!!! And yes, very lucky that Penang and Melaka got the UNESCO Heritage Status ... if not, I think much of the buildings will 'bye bye'.

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