Monday, June 27, 2011


It is with great thanks to our reader En. Omar Ibrahim, as well as Mr. Ian Anderson from Ipoh World and Singapore Press Holdings, that give me the drive to keep this project going. Recently, En. Omar Ibrahim pointed out to us that the Boy's School Ipoh as stated in A. B. Hubback's submission to the R.I.B.A. was Anderson School Ipoh. Now, there were 3 Anderson School's that we know of today in Ipoh, but the closest one built in 1909 was at Douglas Road, in matching with Hubback's submission. We were still a little unclear about which of the Anderson School's were designed by Hubback as the first picture to hit me was a school with a clock tower.

After looking at all 3 pictures, we thought that the closes building that resembled much of Hubback's flair would logically be the one on Douglas Road (now known as Jalan Dato Panglima Bukit Gantang), and in keeping with the year it was built. Thanks to Mr. Ian Anderson from Ipoh World, with references from the Kinta Masonic Lodge, they have confirmed that Anderson School - Douglas Road was in fact, A. B. Hubback's work. Please note that post war publications credit Anderson School - Douglas Road to C. H. LaBrooy, a Dutchman. We are happy to note however that C. H. LaBrooy designed the second Anderson School at Maxwell Road. You can view that Maxwell Road building here.

Here is a newspaper clipping from The Straits Times, that clearly shows Arthur Benison Hubback being named as the architect responsible for Anderson School in Ipoh, Perak.

Ok, so there you have it. The Anderson School at Douglas Road was designed by A. B. Hubback. As clearly shown in his submission to the R.I.B.A; even Mr. J. H. Tyte is confirmed as the first headmaster of Anderson School in that press clipping, that would be later chronicled by Malaysian Historians. And the school was named after the then High Commissioner of the Malay States, Sir John Anderson.

Once again, I would like to thank our reader En. Omar Ibrahim for his selflessness in sharing all the information and for pointing out this to us. It is people like him that really drives this project! :)

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